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MOQ: 1 BOX = 48 PCS

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Keep an Eye on Your Fuel Tank

Made of brass, the 50120 Tank Gauge offers an easy way to keep an eye on your fuel tank. You don’t have to be concerned about whether or not your gas will cut off in the middle of grilling, as our tank gauge will make it readable for you! With three modes, you'll be able to see if your gas is full, low, or in need if a refill. It also comes with a built-in leak detector to ensure your safety while using your grill. Reliable and sturdy, our Gas One propane tank gauge will take make sure that you're always aware of your fuel levels.


  • Inlet: Male QCC (ACME)
  • Outlet: (2) Female QCC


  • Corrosion Resistant Brass that provides secure and air tight fitting
  • Universal Fitting that works with most US standard propane Tanks
  • Built in leak detector to restrict flow in case of hose or grill malfunction

For California residents only: 
prop 65

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Gas One
QTY 1:
48 pcs of 50120
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96 pcs of 50120
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144 pcs of 50120
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192 pcs of 50120
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240 pcs of 50120